8 Direction Paed Tidt Sak Yant T-Shirt | Yellow Thai Tattoo Design


Men’s and Women’s Unisex 8 Direction Paed Tidt Sak Yant T-Shirt | Black T-Shirt with Yellow Thai Tattoo Design.  We are proud to provide for the first time genuine and original Paed Tidt Sak Yant Tattoo design on a T-Shirt with the real spells written in the ancient magical language for the 8 Direction Thai Tattoo design.

The Paed Tidt  Sak Yant is a Master Yant making it not only beautiful but extremely powerful for the wearer. The 8 Direction Sak Yant T-Shirt will give the wearer general protection for many different blessings which you can see below.

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Men’s and Women’s Sak Yant T-Shirt
Genuine Sak Yant Design created by Real Sak Yant Master
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Meaning of 8 Direction Paed Tidt Sak Yant T-Shirt | Yellow Thai Tattoo Design

The Sak Yant design ‘Paed Tidt’ or Eight Direction Yant is a sacred Geometric Yant containing eight Mantras written in 2 concentric circles in the center of the design. The design of the Paed Tidt Yant also incorporates eight representations of the Buddha. These are the groups of 3 ovals each increasing in size from the top.

In Thailand, there is a Buddha image, each one in a different pose, for every day of the week. (On Wednesdays there are 2 Buddhas, one for the morning and one for the evening) and these 8 Buddha Images can be seen in many Thai temples, usually surrounding a Chedi.

The Paed Tidt Sak Yant T-Shirt will give you protection in whichever direction you are traveling and ward off evil spirits. The script used on the Paed Tidt Yant is an ancient Khmer script known as Khom.

The Mantras written in the Paed Tidt Yant and which should be chanted when going out to give further protection are as follows.

I Ra Cha Ka Tha Ra Saa (chant when traveling to the east – also chant and blow into your food for protection against illness/danger)
Thi Hang Ja Thoe Roe Thi Nang (chant when traveling Southeast)
Bi Sam Ra Loe Bu Sath Put (chant when traveling south )
Soe Maa Na Ga Ri Taa Toe (chant when traveling Southwest)
Pa Sam Sam Wi Sa Tae Pa (chant when traveling West)
Ka Put Ban Tuu Tam Wa Ka (chant when traveling Northwest)
Waa Toe Noe A Ma Ma Waa (chant when traveling North)
A Wich Su Nuch Saa Nu Thi (chant when traveling Northeast)

A Sang Wi Su Loe Bu Sa Pu Pa: Heart of Ithibisoe Mantra

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