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Almost all Sak Yant T-Shirts and even Images you find online have been purposely created incorrectly with Gobble Gook by Sak Yant Masters to protect the real and sacred Sak Yant Tattoo Designs.  When other T-Shirt creators collect and Make Sak Yant T-Shirt designs using these images – they not only mean nothing, they are often very bad quality being photocopies of photocopies.

Not any More!  Our Sak Yant T-Shirts have been created by real Sak Yant Masters with the real Image and more importantly the genuine magical script. We provide the Real thing for those who want The Most Accurate Sak Yant Designs Online.

Sak Yant T-Shirts has been developed by Sak Yant Chiang Mai, so that those unable to come to Thailand for a real Sak Yant Tattoo can get these real and cool looking Sak Yant designs on a T-Shirt.

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Each of the designs on our Sak Yant T-Shirts has been designed with the assistance of Real Sak Yant Masters, who work at the Sak Yant Chiang Mai Co-op. This includes over 10 Sak Yant Monks and Ajarns


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About Accurate Sak Yant Designs

What is a Sak Yant Tattoo?

In Thai “sak” means “tattoo,” while “yant” is the Thai word for yantra (a geometric diagram, or any object, used as an aid to meditation in tantric worship).

A yant is a sacred geometry design incorporating Buddhists psalms and magical formulas that invoke various elements and powers of protection and various blessings.

These Buddhist tattoos regularly contain animals and deities.

Thai Sacred Geometry can be found on decorative cloths, clothing and on people’s skin. A sak yant is the name given to Thai Sacred Geometry in the form of a tattoo.

These tattoos are said to deliver magic to the person receiving them. The designs are made up of imagery, text or a combination of the two. The images reveal a history of influence from Buddhist, Brahman and Animist religions.


A Thai Tattoo With Origins in India

Yantra designs go back to the days of Brahmins in India. The concept of sacred geometry stems from this Indian past, as does the use of Hindu deities such as Hanuman.

You’ll be surprised to learn the influence India has had on Thailand. Thailand’s national epic is actually a Thai re-telling of the major Sanskrit legend, the Ramayana.

Thai Buddhism has been influenced by the Hindu religion.


The Birth of Thai Buddhist Tattoos

Buddhism has a 2,000 year history in Thailand. Today toughly 95% of the country practices the Theravada school of Buddhism. But over the centuries Thai Buddhism became fused with mystical beliefs and tantric practices. Magic found its way into Thai Buddhism.

Mystical Thai Buddhism, also known as Tantric Theravada, is a form of Buddhism that links magical, ritualistic practices to a systematic path to Buddhist enlightenment. It makes use of:

Number symbolism
Mantras and sacred language
Magic for protection, healing, good luck, long life and more
Worship of Devas, Buddhas and Spirits

Sak yants are speculated to be up to two millennia old. Although the oldest definitive use of sak yants date back only to the 1600’s. During that time Thailand was known as The Kingdom of Ayuttaya. Warriors were given yant tattoos and yant shirts in order to protect them in battle. Monks would perform the yantra tattoo using a hand-poked method, known today as bamboo tattooing.

Many of the figures depicted in sak yants come from this story: Devas (divine beings) such as Rama or the mythical “Himapant” animals, which are legendary creatures usually made up of two or three different animals.


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