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Sak Yant T-Shirts with Real Authentic Designs and Genuine Magic Scripts

Sak Yant T-Shirts and Product Designs

Sak Yant T-Shirt’s and products, with Designs that have been created by Real Sak Yant Monks, using the genuine Sak Yant Tattoo Designs and Real Magical Scripts.

Now for the first time you can be confident that you are getting an accurate Sak Yant design and Khata (the magic text) printed on T-shirts and other items.

“Wear your Sak Yant on The Outside”

What are Sak Yants?

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The Yant or Yantra as a geometrical symbol has Hindu origins and was already being used in India for thousands of years. At that time Yantras came in the form of a piece of cloth, or even a shirt, to be worn to give protection. They were kept at home to ward off evil spirits. These Yants were incorporated into the Khmer culture and subsequent cultures like Thailand as sages and Buddhists spread across Asia.

Each culture added something to this ancient tradition and some diversity of Yantras has taken place over the years. There are literally thousands of Yants, each with its own special powers, different meanings, and all kinds of uses. In Thailand the Sak Yant really became ingrained into the culture and the variety of designs and styles started to grow as did the popularity. It is in Thailand where the Traditional Thai Tattoo or Sak Yant became a specialized and well known for of magical protection.

Sak Yants are mainly used for protection against danger, illness, bad fortune, black magic/spells, unwanted spirits and physical harm.  Wearing Yantras in the form of Sak Yant T-Shirts provides the person with the magic of the Sak Yant Tattoo, without needing to come to Thailand to get one. To find out more about the Sak Yant T-Shirt
Sak Yant TShirts

Sak Yant Designs  can be split into the following groups sorted by their purpose:

Invincibility (Kong Krapan)
Evasion / avoidance (Klaew Klaad)
Good fortune or luck (Choke Laap)
Attraction and charm (Maha Saneh)
Likeability / preferential treatment (Medta Mah Niyom)
Power/authority (Maha Amnat)
To stun others into defeat or submission (Maha Jong Ngan)

Sak Yants are also used for gaining compassion and kindness, improving one’s power of belief or communication skills, and for other specific goals and desires.

Our Selection of Sak Yant T-Shirt Designs on various products

Sak Yant Chiang Mai is pleased and proud to be able to offer for the first time Online, Real and Authentic Sak Yant Designs printed on T-shirts.